Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

A mind-boggling video going viral on social media shows the unbelievable moment an Indian man picked thousands of honeybees from a beehive and put them in his vest to prove his patience and self-control.

The video shot on a camera phone begins with the unknown man wearing black trousers and a white vest, handpicking the honeybees as if he is plucking fruits from a tree and putting them in his vest.

He keeps repeating the act until the vest is full and his stomach protrudes.

He then calmly shows off his bloated tummy to the camera and slowly releases the bees even though some of them remain stuck to his skin.

But the daredevil man doesn’t stop there, he continues to grab hundreds of honeybees and blows them away like a dandelion.

It seems, someone is asking him to show his talent on the camera. However, both the origin and the identity of the man is not yet known.