Life Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the distressing moment a toddler’s throat was pierced by a broken umbrella rib but the child was luckily saved by medics in India.

The terrifying incident happened when Sundar was playing with an umbrella kept on the table  as her mother Jamuna Meena was cooking in their home in Kotda in Rajasthan in western India.

“Suddenly I heard her crying desperately and when I came to see her I was shocked to see this long wire in her mouth. It was badly stuck,” mother Jamuna spoke about the harrowing moments.

The mother immediately rushed Sundar to a local clinic but the baby girl was referred to a private clinic in nearby state Gujarat where doctors in a two-hour-long operation successfully took out the iron wire.

Dr Babulal Yadav, who first attended the toddler said: “Her mother had brought Sundar with a wire deeply penetrated in her vocal cord.

“I was shocked to see the sight but could not help much and referred her to another clinic.”

The child is recovering fast and is on liquid diet but will have to wait for a few weeks before she can swallow hard food.