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By Janet Tappin Coelho

This is the adorable moment a two-year-old boy dives on the ground to play with some of his best friends, who happen to be pug puppies.

Arthur Stegani Flores, who lives with his mum and dad, Vanessa and Onivaldo in Cianorte south Brazil, has developed such a close bond with the two months old pooches, that he willingly lets them smother him in a game of licking, tickling and nibbling.

PIC FROM Ketiny Verri / Caters News

The video which was filmed by his aunt, Ketiny Freire Verri, captures the moment her nephew races to his favorite play spot is the garage as she warns him to be careful.

As Arthur sits down on the ground, the five little pugs bundle up to play with him and clamber all over the boy in an endearing moment that has the child squealing with laughter.

Ketiny, 27, said: “The puppies absolutely adore Arthur and he loves them equally as much.

“The dogs know what time he comes home from nursery every afternoon and they all wait anxiously by the gate for him to arrive.

“It’s so funny watching them race backwards and forwards as they eagerly wait for him to come home.

PIC FROM Ketiny Verri / Caters News

“As soon as he opens the gate, they yap with delight and can’t wait for him to play with them.

“The pups get so excited because they miss him during the day they can appear to be a little rough.

“We do get slightly worried that they might nip him by accident while playing. But this has never happened as they instinctively know how to romp with Arthur and not harm him.”

The cute pups, named Billy, Bob, Bruce, Pingu and Meg are the first litter from their pedigree parents, Bruce and Clair.

PIC FROM Ketiny Verri / Caters News

Sadly, Ketiny said the family will not be keeping the brood as they have been bred for sale.

She said: “Unfortunately Arthur will soon have to say goodbye to his friends as we are lining up new loving families who want to buy them.

“We’ve tried explaining this to Arthur and we’re not sure he understands just yet. It’s going to be hard on him when they go and we’re sure they will miss him too, but we’ll help Arthur get over the loss by making sure he understands that it’s for the best,” Ketiny said.