Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This hilarious grandmother hit back with some serious sass when her choice of wig was brought into question, insisting that she ‘looks foxy’.

Grandmother Daisy Mae Johnson, from York Town, Virginia, USA, is famous among her family and friends for wearing her signature hat, but attempting to channel her inner diva, Daisy opted for a more flamboyant look.

Walking into her grandmother’s residence, Karen Cooper discovers the 92-year-old donning what appears to be an 80s-inspired Tina Turner wig, to which she asks, ‘What is this you’ve got on your head?’

Baffled by her granddaughter’s lack of approval at her new and ostentatious look, Daisy’s disappointment quickly turns to sass, as she tells Karen, ‘Well, you look like a fool every day.’


Swiping the wig from her head in irritation, Daisy is not the least bit impressed by her granddaughter, particularly when Karen asks to take the ‘ugly wig’ away, to which Daisy hysterically threatens to ‘knock the sh*t’ out of her.

Insisting there’s never a dull moment with her ‘wild card’ grandmother, Karen said: “Grandma Daisy is always roaming around the house – we have a walk-in closet and occasionally we find her in there, looking for a new look.

“She was definitely feeling herself that morning, and fancied herself a shake-up in her appearance.

“Daisy has and always will be defined by sassiness, she’s such a brilliant, eccentric character.

“She is a wild card, this is just a snapshot of her daily life with us.

“Everybody loves her and thinks she’s absolutely hilarious.”