Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

It’s not quite the sort of scene David Attenborough might stumble upon – the moment a lone tiger attacks its dinner – a giant watermelon!

Juanita the tiger was caught on camera savagely ripping into the juicy fruit, tossing it back and forth, batting it with her giant furry paws.

Lisa Stoner, 52, took this video of Juanita the tiger at her animal rescue centre in Florida, USA

Lisa Stoner / Caters News

Lisa said: “My husband, Kurt, 66, and I founded the sanctuary 19 years ago when we were both self-employed.

“My career was in finance and business management and he owned his own boat repair and paint shop. We have both worked with and volunteered with wildlife our entire lives.”

It’s not just tigers that they look after, amongst many others, they also look after: wolves, bears, monkeys and they even have a few house cats.

She added: “All but a couple come from situations of abuse, neglect or confiscation and were going to be destroyed if we didn’t take them.

Lisa Stoner / Caters News

“We only allow six visitors at a time via guided tours in our Land Rover – there is no public access to the sanctuary out of respect for the peace and privacy of the animals.”

Forest Animal Rescue is based 80 acres or woodland surrounded by the Ocala National Forest and is a fully licenced and accredited sanctuary.

No wonder Juanita seems so happy to relax and play in this reserve with her very own watermelon.