By Jamie Smith

This mountain hare can be seen shaking water from it’s fur after a soaking.

After getting wet the hare can be seen being it’s own personal hare-dryer- by shaking until all of the droplets come off.

Pic by John Russell/Caters News

Even hares are getting caught in the British weather!

John Russell took this photo at the Coignafearn Estate in the Scottish Highlands.

John, 42, said: “I love the shot of the mountain hare shaking off the rain droplets from its fur – it’s always nice to capture an animal doing something slightly out of the normal and that captures a moment not many people will see in person.

Pic by John Russell/Caters News

“These mountain hares haven’t yet turned white for the winter season, but they’re showing the first signs of the colour change.

“The mountain hares are usually quiet, docile creatures that let you get fairly close to them once they have become accustomed to your presence.

“If you spend some time sitting quietly and observing them you sometimes get rewarded with nice behaviours out with the usual sightings.”

Pic by John Russell/Caters News