Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey

A cheeky IT whizz set up the ‘ultimate lad pad’ in McDonald’s by bringing his PlayStation4 and widescreen TV along with him – then sat brazenly playing games while chomping on his Big Mac.

Max Clayton decided he wanted to enjoy his meal at Marsh Mills branch of McDonald’s in Plymouth while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on September 24.

Steven Anderson caught his pal’s barmy antics on camera, as Max set up his 32-inch smart TV complete with extension leads and PS4 and connected it up with the fast food chain’s complimentary wifi.

Surreal footage and photos show the youth centre volunteer calmly playing GTA5 and Monopoly on the computer, while his Big Mac meal and drink sit by his side.

Meanwhile customers can be seen enjoying their own dinners around the 22-year-old – apparently left ‘baffled’ by his stunt.

Max said: “I’d been up for doing something like this for quite a while.

Pic By Max Clayton/Caters News

“I wanted to take the biggest TV in my house but didn’t have the transport until Steven came with me.

“At first, we struggled to find a McDonald’s with a plug socket so we actually went to another one before there.

“Then we managed to find a socket in [the Marsh Mills branch].

“We went for a McDonald’s and I hooked up the PlayStation to a plug under our table.

“The funny thing was, the staff said the only problem was what game we might be playing. I’d brought Grand Theft Auto with me but because [it’s an 18], we had to change it to Monopoly.

“We were in there for about 40 minutes in total and we had a couple of people surrounding us watching the game.

“Some people were stood in the line looking over.

Pic By Max Clayton/Caters News

“We used to be trouble-makers but now we just want to make people laugh.”

Max claims he decided to move his energy from being a ‘trouble-maker’ to pulling pranks and making people smile.

Steven said: “Max is a very strange person. I suppose you might call him eccentric.

“We just come up with lots of weird ideas together – lots of ridiculous, stupid ideas.

“He just came up with the idea of setting up his PS4 and LG TV in McDonald’s. He said ‘I want to play GTA in Maccy’s’ and I honestly thought he wouldn’t have the ball to do it.

“I showed up at his place because he hasn’t got a car. I remember just picking him up and thinking ‘this is happening isn’t it?’

“There were just all the wires and everything in the back of the car and we drove off.”

The duo claim both customers and staff were left perplexed by their prank and there was a general ‘air of disbelief’.

Steven said: “The whole thing was just a laugh – he must have been playing for about 45 minutes.

“A few people walked past our table to get to where they were going. I think they were giving us funny looks as if to say ‘what are you doing?’

Pic By Max Clayton/Caters News

“A staff member was watching, I think that member of staff was quite amused that we went so far. Another member of staff came over to say they’d never seen anyone do that before.

“I think there was an air of disbelief but they didn’t have a problem with it at all.

“I suppose the whole thing was quite funny for people because it’s not everyday that you see somebody playing Monopoly in McDonald’s with a 32-ich tv set up with a PS4.

“We had a Big Mac meal each aswell. Regarding his progress on the game of Monopoly, he said he was doing pretty well.

“That’s just the kind of guy Max is. He just does things differently.”