Offbeat Video

By Mikey Jones

This rooftop box has now become the bottom of a boat.

A nimble-fingered inventor quickly put together the roof box boat on a Sunday to whizz up and down canals.

Charlie Burns took just one hour to put the boat together with a friend after buying a £45 4.5 horsepower outboard motor.

Charlie, 23, from Nuneaton, said: “I keep myself building and just as often destroying stuff.

Pic from Caters News

“In this case I had been given the roof box a few years ago because the person knew I would do something interesting with it.

“It sat in my storage unit for a good while until I found what I thought was a suitable engine for it.

“My mate and I got it down off the pile and started to put it together and about an hour later it was ready to hit the water.

Pic from Caters News

“We tried it out in the canal and with the build being a bit rushed it didn’t cut through the water quite as well as I’d hoped.

“I think it needs stiffening up a little bit and the driver moving forward for better weight distribution.

“But I managed to overtake a narrow boat without them killing me, which was a plus, and now I’m thinking about fitting a more powerful outboard to it.”