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By David Aspinall

This adorable cat has her owner in the palm of her hand as she uses his fingers to block out any light when she’s dozing.

While mollycoddled moggy Missy lies on her back at home in Brooklyn, New York, USA, doting dad Tom has his hand clamped over her face.

As soon as the put-upon owner tries to move his open fist, the feisty feline keeps her paws crossed and drags him right back over her eyes.

PIC FROM Tom Ulloa / Caters News

After a second attempt, 13-year-old Missy reacts even faster than the first time and makes sure Tom’s digits block out the pesky light so her nap can continue.

Tom said: “It’s like I am Missy’s personal shade.

PIC FROM Tom Ulloa / Caters News

“She specifically lay next to me in the position where I can put my hand down and she would be able to hug it.

“She began doing it about five years ago and does it at least five times a week.

PIC FROM Tom Ulloa / Caters News

“It will carry on until she got hungry or thirsty so it could be a pretty long nap.

“Whenever she hugs my hand like that to cover the light I just leave it there.”