Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This restrained retriever froze on the spot when she spotted her mortal nemesis, a cat.

Ellie, an Irish setter golden retriever cross, stood dead still when she saw the furry intruder at home in Salem, Oregon, USA, on September 16.

With her front paw raised off the ground, the three-year-old pooch never breaks her stare with the pesky feline.

As owner Dustin Dalen encourages his pet to move, the only giveaway that Ellie isn’t a stuffed animal is that she slightly moves her paw.

Dustin said: “I was completely bemused by her actions.

“Very rarely does the Irish setter in her come out, but sometimes Ellie will point at animals.

“This isn’t the first time she’s seen a cat but this one was a complete stranger so she froze on the spot.

“In total, she stayed there for about three minutes before I finally got her to move.”