Video Viral

By Ben Walley

Dashcam footage captures a cyclist taking a nasty tumble after a side-by-side collision with a car.

Richard Moule, a 23-year-old quality inspector, was driving behind a Vauxhall Astra and a cyclist in a high-visibility jacket when he saw the two appear to make a connection.

Richard, who filmed the cyclist’s dramatic fall along the busy A23 in West Sussex, on his car’s dashcam confirmed the cyclist brushed himself off with no broken bones.

The cyclist can be seen somersaulting on the tarmac of the Crawley Avenue just after traffic lights opposite Goffs Park.

Richard said: “He was bruised and battered but had no broken bones, his elbow hurt the most as that’s what took most of the damage.

“It was his clothing and bike came out worse off.

“After about five minutes the driver came out of her car.

“A nurse was behind me and you can see her tending to him at the end of the video.”

This was the first incident Richard had caught on his dashcam since installing it after he claims to have been reversed into.

Richard sent: “I was reversed into once and the driver tried saying I hit him. Luckily a police officer saw the accident but I won’t be that lucky again so I bought a camera.”

The quality inspector claims the emergency services were alerted but no further legal action is to be taken.

He said: “Another driver in the blue Polo called an ambulance, I hovered around for about five minutes but I wasn’t needed so I gave my details and left.

“I am a witness and have been contacted by the police, just asking for my details if needed but I believe it’s only being dealt with through insurances.”