Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

A holidaymaker caught the hilarious moment two elderly men were apparently so drunk after a ‘24-hour Benidorm bender’ that they had to hold hands to stay upright – even failing to navigate a zebra crossing.

Rab Paget, from Edinburgh, spotted the grey-haired pair outside a bar just off the main strip in the Spanish party-goer hotspot on August 26 as they swayed and stumbled down a quiet road.

Hilarious footage captured by Rab shows the duo holding hands in a bid to remain on their feet, before being foiled by the zebra crossing.

One of the elderly gents is eventually so exhausted by his efforts to make it across the road that he has to plonk himself down on his bum for a breather.

After watching the pair struggle for 10 minutes, Rab came to their rescue with a bottle of water and then left them with bar staff as no taxi drivers would accept customers who were so drunk.

Rab said: “We watched them for about 10 minutes and they just couldn’t get over the crossing.

“They were just unable to walk in a straight line and kept swaying from side to side while trying to use the lamppost for support.

“It was really funny, I have never seen anyone that drunk at 1pm in the afternoon before.

“No matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t get over.

“They didn’t have a clue anyone was watching until we all started to laugh pretty loud.

“One of the men turned to us and tried to speak to us but I couldn’t figure out what he was saying.

“I went over to them and took them some water because it was really hot and I think they needed it.

“One of them told me that his wife didn’t even know he was in Benidorm and he had been there for three days already.

“He also said they had been out all night. They went to watch the football in a bar and hadn’t been back to the hotel yet.

“They had been walking around because taxi drivers won’t pick anyone up that is that drunk and especially at one in the afternoon.”

The dad-of-two was on holiday with 11 of his friends as part of an annual trip but confessed that although they enjoy a night out, his have never gotten as out of hand as the two elderly ravers.

Rab said: “Me and my mates go every year this year there were 12 of us.

“I think the night before we had gone out but we were back in the hotel for about four o’clock.

“I had to leave the two men with the waitress as we had all finished our food but as a taxi driver myself I understand why no one would take them back to the hotel.

“Benidorm is the place to go for a bit of sun and a beer. I think these two definitely made the most of that.”