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By Katy Gill

What a ROAR-some entrance! – Watch as two newlyweds make a grand arrival wearing inflatable T-Rex outfits.

Vincent Rivano, 28, and Ashley Coleman, 27, met on an online dating website in 2012 before getting engaged three years later.

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After tying the knot on September 9 at Walden Firehouse in New York, USA, the couple decided that they wanted a more memorable entrance into their reception.

The newlyweds proceeded to wow their guests by dressing in inflatable T-Rex costumes, accompanied by the famous Jurassic Park theme tune as their guests cheered them on.

Impressively the dressed up duo were even wearing their wedding attire underneath their costumes – including the brides wedding dress.

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Vincent, a Financial Service Representative, said: “We wanted our wedding to be memorable not just for ourselves but for everyone who came.

“Ashley and I were thinking of what song our entrance should be and she said we should dress in dinosaur costumes.

“At first we both laughed, and then I said, you know what let’s do it.

“And this is definitely within keeping of our personalities.

PIC FROM / Caters News

“Our guests loved it, people kept coming up to us at the reception and telling us how funny it was, and at work also.”