Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

This hilarious clip shows a grumpy pup in denial as she realises her owner is getting married.

The funny footage, shot in Tennessee, USA, shows Audra Waters breaking the news to cute canine, Elli, that her son – Elli’s owner – is tying the knot.

The adorable dog looks somewhat miffed as she turns away from the camera numerous times and ignores what Audra is saying.

PIC FROM Caters News

The four-year-old pup, who has been with the family since she was eight weeks old, simply sits on the couch and refuses to believe what she is hearing – clearly annoyed that she won’t be the apple of her daddy’s eye anymore.

Audra said: “I was taking pictures of her that day, then decided to do a video, telling her that her daddy was getting married Saturday.

“She didn’t seem to like what I was saying. I thought it was hilarious.

“She loves to run and play but Elli also loves to sit on the couch and watch television.

“She sits like that a lot.”