By Luke Johnston

This cat scratching pole is BARK-ing mad – as it comes in the form of a tree and costs more than £1,000.

The ‘luxury treehouse’ will set you back a hefty £1100 ($1499).

Pic from Caters News Agency

Its design is supposed to bring out a cat’s natural instincts to climb and explore in the comfort of a living room.

The scratching pole features a little house at the bottom for cats to sleep in with a leafy ‘tree’ growing out of it.

There are four platforms at various points for felines to sit on and survey their territory.

The design is a product of US company Pet Tree Houses based in DeBary, Florida.

A description of the tree house reads: “The mature large tree house is perfect for multiple cats or your special cat that likes to explore.

Pic from Caters News Agency 

“This tree house gives your felines room to play, jump, explore and sleep.

“Crafted of wood, cedar, plush carpeting and synthetic silk leaves, this house brings out the kitten in your cat.

“The movement, rustling and flexibility when your cat climbs brings out their natural animal instinct.

“Not only is tree house a durable, interactive play centre for cats, it is stylish and beautifully constructed and blends into the home while bringing out a cat’s true nature.”