Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

Stuck in the mud – watch these adorable ant eaters roll around playfully in the dirt.

The pair of female pangolins, who are both under two years old, were rescued and sent to The Tikki Hywood Foundation situated in a national park in Zimbabwe.

Kupa was rescued in 2016 and Muusha was handed to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in January this year.

Tikki Hywood Foundation/Caters News

Kupa was a victim of illegal wildlife trafficking and was recovered through a sting operation, sadly she had been separated from her mother from an early age.

The foundation, which was established in Zimbabwe in 1994, works carefully to protect lesser known endangered species, including pangolins.

All eight species of pangolins are currently considered to be the most trafficked mammal on the planet and two groups are listed as critically endangered.

They are also amongst the least studied, due to their shy and elusive behaviour and there is not an accurate estimate of how many are left in the wild.

Tikki Hywood Foundation/ Caters News

Ellen Connelly, who works at the foundation, said: “I have seen pangolins do this many times before and it never ceases to amaze me the sheer thrill they get playing in the mud.

“Incidentally they also do this with various kinds of herbivorous manure, like elephant manure for example.

“They are normally solitary animals, however with our rehabilitation process we have found that for the younger animals having company can be a positive thing.”