By Alex Matthews

Talk about an old banger – these cars have been sat around unwanted for almost 30 years.

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News

The Jetberg Garage, in Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, has a sign promising ‘All makes of new cars and commercials supplied.’

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News

But around the back the truth is revealed, with just three rusting cars which have been on display for nearly 30 years.

The cars, which are all registered from the year 1990, were left standing on show as the abandoned saleroom closed down 15-years-ago.

They include a Rover 820 on sale for £499, an Austin Maestro and a Vauxhall Cavalier, all of which were popular cars in the early 90s.

They have since lost their shine, become covered in dirt and thieves have helped themselves to some of the wheels.

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News

Signs still visible through the dust-caked windscreens show the perks of the cars as advertised to drivers – including a hand drawn ‘automatic’ display.

Other adverts around the walls and on frames sell customers breakdown cover, with old signs inviting people to become members of the RAC.

The pictures were taken by photographer Dabhands.

Dabhands said: “I was just driving past and spotted it on the side of the road.

“I was amazed that although it was derelict, it still looked like there were cars there.

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News 

“I parked up and went to investigate, and found a Vauxhall Cavalier, an automatic Austin Maestro and a Rover 820.

“It’s quite funny to see them looking like this, because they were all cars you would see a lot on the roads.

“The Rover 820 was a lot like an old family car we used to have.

“It was all very overgrown – a bit like the set of 28 Days Later.

“I think the fence in front of the cars must have stopped them from being stolen but people still managed to take the wheels off the Rover. I had expected them to be vandalised more.

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News

“They might not be sports cars but they all have their own bit of character.”

Plans to change it to a residential development were approved in 1993 and renewed in 2000. However, the site has still been left abandoned with no changes made.

Pic by Dab Hands/Caters News