Amazing Nature

By Jamie Smith

This is the mesmerising image of a colourful Milky Way shining down on Mount Fuji.

Steve Lance Lee, 37, captured the sky above the iconic mountain whilst on his honey moon in Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan.

Pic by Steve Lance Lee/Caters News

Mount Fuji is illuminated underneath the galaxy of stars, creating an impressive landscape.

Steve, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said: “The scene was mesmerising and I loved the beautiful colours of the night sky.

“It gives a sense of calmness and peace when you experience it first-hand and it certainly reinforces that we are not alone in this universe.

Pic by Steve Lance Lee/Caters News

“I did some research beforehand to see where Mount Fuji is the clearest from at that time of the year.

“When we got to the lake, I decided to climb up to the top of the forest so I could use the trees to block the lights from the city, it took an hour of hiking to reach where I wanted to be.

“Once I reached the top that’s where I saw Mount Fuji together with the Milky Way.

Pic by Steve Lance Lee/Caters News

“At first the Milky Way was not exactly centre of the mountain, but I waited for another hour until it moved around.

“Many have said that Japan is one of the hardest places to find the Milky Way, so for me it was a good challenge.”

Pic by Steve Lance Lee/Caters News