Amazing Animals

By Lauren Campbell

These incredible snaps show the moment a daredevil paraglider zoomed through the sky alongside a VULTURE.

As he soared through the clouds, Max Seigal also decided to try his hand at falconry in a bizarre new trend known as ‘parahawking’.

With breath-taking views over the city of Pokhara, in Nepal, Max got a whole new perspective on flying after trying it with the massive bird.

Max, 28, from Colorado, said: “It’s an amazing experience flying with these massive birds of prey and watching them fly from this perspective in the air with them.

PIC BY Max Seigal/ Caters News

“There’s no better way to experience flight than to do it with birds!

“The parahawking program was founded to increase awareness of vulture conservation and to help promote vulture conservation in Nepal.

PIC BY Max Seigal/ Caters News

“Vultures are in decline in this country, and whenever anyone flies with the parahawking program they are educated about the impacts people have on vultures, and how they can help improve the situation – and of course they get to fly with the birds!

PIC BY Max Seigal/ Caters News

“The vulture lands on the glove when flying, and typically we spend about 30 minutes in the air flying with the bird.

“It’s an incredible experience, something that you will remember for a lifetime!