Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

An irresponsible driver was caught on a dashboard camera overtaking two cars and a central reservation before speeding away.  

The footage was taken on Lloyd Hunt’s dashboard camera near Ernesettle, Plymouth, on September 13, as the black Peugeot can be seen passing Lloyd’s car before passing a second car and central bollard.  

Lloyd, 38, said: “I was unaware of the Peugeot until he overtook me.

“He must have approached me suddenly from around the previous bend in the road.  

“It looked like a young male with a young female passenger.” 

The road, Ernsettle Lane, has a 30mph limit and connects to a large residential area.

The Field Service Engineer said: “The place where the crazy driver overtakes is next to Plymouth’s Driver Test Centre so there are often many learner drivers along the road, you can see the black gates for the test center on the right when he overtakes.

“It was luck that no-one got seriously hurt or killed.”