Video Viral

By Katy Gill

This adorable pooch carries his bed across the entire house, to make sure he’s by his ill owner’s side.

After owner, Richard Pratchett, had shoulder surgery from a sports injury he had to spend most of his time on the lower level o

However, when his wife went to work, Richard sneaked upstairs to let his best friend – Apollo, his five-year-old pooch – out of his cage.

Richard Pratchett / Caters News

But to his surprise, Apollo was eagerly waiting to carry his bed downstairs to keep his poorly owner company.

Richard, a 30-year-old from Massachusetts, said: “Once my wife went to work and I was up for the day I went upstairs to bring him down to keep my company.

“The day before, he started grabbing his bed and it was the cutest thing ever so I made sure I recorded it the next day.

“As a nine pound dog, dragging a big bed across the house was very cute and hilarious.

“He brought it down the flight of stairs and plopped right next to the recliner.

“The only reason I am staying downstairs at the moment is because there is a recliner which I have to sleep on.

“But whether it’s the dishes, or folding the washing, he will always bring his bed to you.”