Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the hilarious moment a 10-year-old steals the show with a series of comedic gestures behind his mum’s back, as she attempts to record herself singing.

At home in Newport, Tennessee, USA, Cinna Hembree is scrubbing up on her singing skills as she performs an impressive rendition of ‘Pitch Perfect’s’ notoriously difficult ‘Cup Song’.

But when Cinna’s comedic-minded son, Tucker, walks into the room in search of a drink, the single-mum’s attention wanders for a moment, as if she’s suspicious of his sudden arrival.

Brushing his presence aside like a true performer, Cinna carries on as normal, but as her son hilariously takes a giant swig of some off-date juice – before loudly spitting it out, suddenly Tucker notices the camera and ceases his chance to up-stage his mum.

Walking back into the shot, Tucker raises a wry smile to the camera before launching into a side-splitting dance routine, complete with shoulder pops, flailing arms and animated facial expressions.


Attempting to throw his mother off of her game, Blake lifts up his shirt above his head, wagging his hips from side-to-side, but still it isn’t enough to break her steel-like focus.

Staring at her son through the screen of her phone, Cinna looks at her son in bemusement before finally breaking out into spontaneous laughter, as Tucker ripples his belly right next to her head.

A very amused Cinna, said: “I was just recording myself singing because I was bored, it’s something I do quite often, so Tucker is used to doing things like this.

“Me and my children sing together quite a lot, with Tucker usually playing the drums, but for some reason this time he decided to bomb this one.

“It really shows the kind of boy he is, he’s extremely funny and always goofing off.

“I’m so used to him being funny and silly that it didn’t knock my focus to begin with, I just let him continue doing his thing.

“I’m glad to know that everyone found it as funny as I did, it’s now got over twenty-one million views on Facebook.

“I had Tucker when I was 19, so we’ve practically grown up together.

“We’re always messing around with one-another, it’s just this time I was lucky enough to capture it on film.”