Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen

This adventurous kangaroo turned a leisurely bike ride into the Tour de Prance when it joined a group of cyclists.

As Richard Crombie and pals came racing around a corner in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia, the rambunctious roo bounds out of a nearby hedge.

Seemingly unperturbed by the pack of bikers, the athletic animal continues to bounce alongside them on Sunday September 10.

Taking huge leaps, the kangaroo even cuts in front of Richard as it follows them for more than a kilometre before turning into an animal sanctuary.

Richard, an expat from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, said: “Initially I was really surprised at the speed of the roo as we were riding between 15 and 25mph.

“I’ve seen them jump out and cross the road in front of me before but never had one run alongside of me like that, it was very funny.

“Over my six years in Adelaide I’ve had a few close encounters with other animals like koalas, snakes and echidnas.

“Nothing has been quite as entertaining as this though.

“On reflection, I was slightly upset that it was probably running scared but I’m happy to report that all ended well and the roo actually turned into an animal sanctuary driveway.

“We all certainly got our exercise that day.”