Animals Video

By Charles Creasey

A dog walker has revealed adorable footage of the moment a DOG and a FOX played together – because they mistakenly thought they were both the same animal.

Kris McDonald was out walking his dogs in Dowanhill Park, Glasgow, when he spotted a fox eyeing up his rescue dog Cricket, which he claims looks just like a fox.

Convinced the fox was harmless, the 35-year-old let his rescue mutt off her lead for a play, and was stunned to witness them ambling around like ‘best friends’.

Video footage shows the two creatures play an adorable game of chase, each taking turns to run after the other, with the fox even coming over to restart the chase.

According to training centre manager Kris, the incredible chase probably occurred because his dog thought they were both dogs, and the fox thought they were both foxes.

Kris said: “The thought did cross my mind that they thought they were the same. Cricket probably thought the fox was a dog, and my dog looks quite similar to a fox.

“Though I do think it was really unusual. Being close to a fox as a human is unusual, let alone a dog.

“The other people in the park were watching and I think they were quite taken aback.

“They were probably thinking the same thing as me – that the whole thing was quite bizarre.

“What is amazing is that the fox didn’t run away or anything. They’re usually gone before you know it.

“That fox was either very naive or very young. Thinking about it now I think it was quite a young fox.”

The incredible footage, caught in the summer, shows Cricket and her new fox pal playing chase with each other, going back and forth alternately, with no signs of aggression or mistrust.

Kris said: “It was the evening time and I decided to take the dog to the park for a walk. It’s not far, perhaps only five minutes away.

“When I got there the fox was just waiting – so I decided to let Cricket off her lead and she just started playing with the fox.

“At the time I was taking her for her last pee of the night and that fox was already there just sitting the middle of the grass area.

“There were a few other people around who had dogs on leads but I took the lead off mine.

“The fox wasn’t bothering any of the dogs – it was just sitting there and I know my dog is very friendly anyway. I knew she would want to play.

“I think the fox was just like a new toy for her. The whole thing lasted for about ten minutes.”

When Kris got home and showed his wife Danielle, she felt like she’d missed something special.

Kris said: “Danielle usually comes with me walking and I think she was quite disappointed she’d missed it.

“She burst out laughing when she saw the video.

“Thinking back to that night, the fox was just sat there looking at other dogs but I didn’t think there would be anything vicious or anything aggressive in any way at all.

“The fox came over first and I let Cricket off her lead. She’s quite friendly when it comes to other dogs as it is so I didn’t think she was going to bite the fox or anything like that.”