Video Viral

By Taniya Dutta

From what looked like a scene lifted from a water park, a fast express train rushed past an inundated station, splashing muddy water at waiting passengers in Mumbai-the Indian city known for its massive railway network.

The incredible scene was filmed at Nallasopara Station on the outskirts of the city which is at the receiving end of the heaviest downpour since August this year.

The sight of the speeding train was nothing short of a shock for the passengers as the trains have been moving at a slow speed because of heavy rainfall.

In the video, the train is seen zooming past the station creating a burst of water from the tracks engulfing the entire platform and leaving unsuspecting commuters drenched.

The unsuspected passengers can be seen running for cover the moment the train enters platform at a high speed but miserably fail as the forced showers soak them with muddy water.

However, railway officials believe that the video was created from a close distance and the train was not really that fast, adding that trains can move at a certain speed even if the water is a few inches above the track.