By Jamie Smith 

Ever wake up in the night and feel like you’re falling? Well for one daredevil that’s a very real possibility as she beds down for the night on the side of a mountain – suspended thousands of feet in the air.

Pic by Alexandre Eggermont/Caters News

Stunning Leslie Robinson is a keen climber but often sets up camp on the side of cliff faces if the trek is too long to tackle in one day.

Her gruelling ascents can last for several days and the fearless blond is left with no choice but to cook, eat and sleep whilst dangling from a mountain in order to refuel.

These stunning shots were taken by Leslie’s boyfriend, Alexandre Eggermont from Belgium and show Leslie relaxing after a hard day scaling a mountain in Squamis in British Columbia, Canada.

Alexandre said: “To sit on the ledge, drinking some fresh water which will seem like the best beer you ever drank and enjoy the view after a long day climbing – no words can describe the beauty of it.

Pic by Alexandre Eggermont/Caters News

“You are usually too tired or too amazed to be scared. You don’t think about the height anymore.

“It’s the end of the day, and you are happy to finally sit or lay down. You’ve been all day climbing and hanging.

“The exposure on the ledge is nothing compared to the actual climbing during the day.

“We take everything we need with us when climbing. A sleeping bag, extra clothes, food and water.

“We cook on the wall with a small stove. You have to stay basic, it’s not the place to grill a homemade pizza but if you want to, you can extend to taking a few beers, some fancy food or a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Pic by Alexandre Eggermont/Caters News

“In the morning we pack everything up into what we call a haul bag.

“You don’t climb with it, it’s too heavy. You climb first and then pull it up after you.”