By Jamie Smith 

That’s nuts! – These squirrels have done their own photoshoot.

 Bob Riach/Caters News 

This photographer had only turned his back for a split second when two squirrels dashed in take some snaps by themselves.

The cheeky grey squirrels gave the lens a good inspection before getting behind the camera to capture some portraits.

Perching on the handle to get a good view of the screen, the one of the creatures even manages to capture the other reading a crystal ball.

Bob Riach/Caters News 

The pictures were taken by 62-year-old financial advisor Bob Riach at Hartsholme Country Park near Lincoln.

Bob, from Scunthorpe, said: “I have taken pictures of the squirrels at Hartsholme Country Park before and have found that after spending about an hour with them and feeding them with nuts I can build up some trust with them.

“This time I set off at about 7:30 in the morning to give myself plenty of time to get pictures.

“During the three hours I was there it rained and hailed, but fortunately being in the woods was not too much of a problem.

Bob Riach/Caters News 

“It didn’t take me long to build up trust with the squirrels and I literally had them eating out of my hands. I saw about 15 different squirrels during the time I was there.

“Even as I was setting up my spare camera they were climbing on the lens before I was ready.

“My favourite image is one of the squirrels stood on the tripod pointing the camera at the other one.

Bob Riach/Caters News 

“I really enjoyed the three hours with them. The squirrels are great characters, and are cheeky and cute.”