Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

In a dramatic operation, four elephant calves were rescued using backhoe in Sri Lanka after they had fallen into a a slippery, muddy well.

A farmer had gone for work on his fields early Wednesday morning in Karandagaswewa, Horowpathana when he saw the four elephants-all calves stuck in one of his agro-wells.

The farmer quickly alarmed the wildlife officials who brought with them a backhoe. After a struggle of four hours, the officials succeeded in bringing the gentle babies out of the muddy well.

In the visuals, the elephants can be seen given food and water using a hoe as workers dig the land to create a path for the babies to walk out. Once they are satiated and the path is built, the elephants quickly run out of the well.

Once rescued, the elephants were chased away into the nearby reserve.

Sri Lanka is known for its huge number of wild elephants who dominate national parks but stray out to the nearby villages in search of food. And while they rarely attack the villagers, there have been spate of incidents when the animals got stuck in pits and wells in the sugarcane and other fields and had to be rescued.