Video Viral

By Katy Gill 

This little boy was just able to brush off his initial horror at going through a car wash.

Little 18-month-old Luke Parr was struck with dread when darkness and loud noise descended on the car.

With water and brushes tearing at the windows the toddler has terror spread all over his face.

But with a little encouragement from big brother James, three, he managed to sit back in his car seat and enjoy the experience, going through a whole range of human emotions.

Although he saved his biggest beaming smile for when the noise stopped.

Mum Devin filmed her sons’ reactions in the Fast5Express Car Wash in Murrieta, California.

Devin said: “I was taking my sons through a drive-through car was, and Luke just went through the full spectrum of human emotion, from terror to joy, in just two minutes.

“His older brother is now a carwash veteran and so comforted him. But James cried during his first time too.

“I think James was thrilled to be the big brother and play the caring role, but Luke started making nervous sounds as soon as we approached the entrance.

“He was pretty happy afterwards, if just a little shaken up.

“The video captures their personalities perfectly.”