Animals Video

By David Aspinall 

This mischievous pair of bra-stealing dogs tried to hide their guilt by burrowing under their owner’s duvet.

After being greeted by a stray brassiere outside his bedroom door in Springfield Lakes, Queensland, Australia, Jayden Watta turns to find the canine culprit.

With his two one-year-papillons sat on his bed, Jayden approaches Jasper and asks him if he is responsible only to be greeted with a cold shoulder.

Jayden Watta/Caters News

His other dog Bonnie squirms under the comforter to avoid being questioned and still avoids eye contact when her owner pulls back the cover.

Jayden said: “They have been with us since they were 10 weeks old and do it every now and again.

“Normally it is with with shoes but this time it was a bra.

“They react the same way each time, Bonnie hides and Jasper just shakes until we calm him down.

“I don’t punish them or anything, unless they are my good shoes, then they have to go outside for that.”