Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This slow and steady snail has definitely NOT won this race!

This snail can be seen slowly being encapsulated by the flatworm.

Pic from Dr. Konrad Mebert / Caters News (

The giant yellow worm lunges itself on top of the slow snail and works its way from the snails shell, onto it’s body.

Slowly, bit by bit, the worm starts to cover the snail who is desperately trying to flee danger.

But not moving quick enough, the flatworm can be seen fully covering the snails body and shell.

This video was captured by Dr. Konrad Mebert in the Atlantic Rainforest of Michelin Ecological Reserve, Igrapiuna, Bahia in North-Eastern Brazil.

Pic from Dr. Konrad Mebert / Caters News

Dr. Konrad, 53, said: “You can see the snail beginning to attempt to wriggle itself free, but there’s just no chance as the flatworm encloses it more.

“With twisting body movements, the desperate snail tries a last attempt to get free, but the encapsulation by the flatworm proceeds to the point that the snail slowly disappears into the flatworm’s fleshy coat.

“It’s certain that the flatworm continued by everting its pharynx and esophagus over the snail and starting to slowly dissolve and digest the snail.

“This happens often as Obama flatworms are known to attack and consume snails, but I have never seen this before.”