Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This 11-year-old got a pup-tastic surprise from his parents – a new best friend.

Leighton, who turned 11 last week, was shocked when he received a birthday card ‘from the dog’ that he didn’t have.

But to his surprise after he read the card out his mother presented him with a puppy of his own – after years of wanting one.

Maria Jones, Leighton’s mother, filmed the moment her son’s birthday became one to definitely remember.

PIC FROM Caters News


Maria said: “He had no idea we were going to get him one, we always threw him off the scent by saying it would be a few years until we would be able to get one.

“Our son is an only child and loves the outdoors so we wanted him to have a best friend he could be active with and play with.

“He’s a really good kid who doesn’t ask for anything, so we wanted to make his dream come true for his birthday.

“After the video he was overjoyed and didn’t want to put Sampson down.

“He couldn’t believe he actually had his own dog, he felt very emotional and started FaceTiming all of his friends to tell them the news and show off his new puppy.”