Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey

A diver was so amazed by dolphins that he learned to blow incredible, perfectly-formed bubble rings underwater like them – and now plans to try to communicate with them using it.

Hugo Mattsson claims the sea creatures are the ‘coolest’ things he has ever seen and says he was amazed when he witnessed their trick for blowing bubble rings and then swimming through them.

The 24-year-old travel blogger set his sights on mastering the trick while diving in Indonesia three years ago and now can create flawless rings from his mouth and hands – that expand as they fly through the water.

Hugo believes he is able to mimic dolphins so well he even plans to one day dive with the aquatic mammals and see if they communicate with him through bubbles.

Pic from Hugo Mattson/Caters News

After being inundated by fans asking how he did the trick, the Scandinavian has created a video tutorial revealing his secrets so that others can play like dolphins while underwater.

Hugo, from Sweden, said: “Dolphins are the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

“Discovering that dolphins and whales can do this just amazed me. I want to do more with bubble rings in the future.

“I haven’t been diving with dolphins yet but when I do I will definitely make a ring and see how they respond.

“There’s been fish around me a lot of times and either they get scared or they think the bubbles are something they can eat – but it catches their attention pretty well.”

The Scandinavian first learned the trick three years ago from his diving instructor, and made the online video to pass on the technique.

Hugo said: “I first saw my divemaster do the trick in 2014 when I was an inexperienced open water certified diver. I couldn’t understand how he did it but I was impressed.

Pic from Hugo Mattson/Caters News

“A year later I started my divemaster course and when I was on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia I dived every day and often more than once – so I managed to get a lot of practice.

“For me the shooting rings were the easiest one. I mastered them in just a few dives after I got the technique.

“The rising ring took much longer to master. I could do it but never had the full technique to be able to do perfect rings every time.

“Then I started experimenting for myself and suddenly I had come up with a technique that worked for me. That was also when I got the idea to make a tutorial.”

Hugo explains his complex technique involves blowing through bubbles to create an underwater vortex – turning the air bubbles into a perfect ring.

Pic from Hugo Mattson/Caters News

He said: “Often people get really interested and eager to learn themselves. I usually end my guided dives by showing this and letting my divers try for themselves.

“I don’t consider myself better than other professionals.

“But of course I’ve practiced these skills a lot and become really good – it’s always fun to play around and try to develop it in some way.

“It looks really cool on camera too.

“In the water there’s not really any situation where blowing a ring is useful.

“Maybe if you’re diving with some new people you can show off a bit.

“I think it gives the impression that you’re experienced and you’ve been diving a lot.