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By Jack Williams

Describing itself as “Golf Speith Can’t Master,” this quirky new game looks to combine the precision of golf with the drinking capabilities of general sports fans.

Beer Pong Golf is similar in premise to the classic college party and tailgating game, but with a twist: instead of throwing ping pong balls into cups, players must chip their way to victory.

Having initially been set up as a Kickstarter campaign seeking 20,000USD, the product is now up to more than 127,000USD in funding, and the campaign does not finish until September 19.


The target audience for the product, Mark Saleeby, the founder of Beer Pong Golf, said, is “anyone who likes sports, tailgating, playing in the backyard or on the beach.”

As well as appealing to the casual sports fan, Mark is hopeful his product will give golfers themselves another fun reason pick up a club and start swinging.

Customisable with the likes of college team logos, Beer Pong Golf has already started to ship locally.

The company is hopeful that the game, given the reception it has received on Kickstarter, will eventually ship internationally.


Mark said: “I hope everyone loves these and I really hope the details we put into them will not go unnoticed.

“We are starting to partner with groups that host corn hole tournaments to introduce Beer Pong Golf tournaments as well.

“We hope to set up local, state-wide, regional and if all goes well national tournaments with cash prizes and rankings.

“This could be a lot of fun.”