Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee

This is the moment a curious pup narrowly escapes the jaws of death – after an ALLIGATOR pops up next to him as he swims in Hurricane Irma storm waters.

Corina Cox, 37, was evacuated from her home in Kissame, Florida, after the storm hit and had taken her dog, Pokey, to stretch his legs and enjoy a swim in the storm waters.

Unknowingly to both Corina and Pokey the waters were infested by an alligator looking for his next meal.

Corina said: “I was looking through my phone directly at Pokey and not watching my surroundings at all.

“It looks like Pokey saw it and jumped out to see what it was, it must have startled the alligator.”

Pokey makes his way into the water before the alligator can be seen appearing above the surface just inches away from the pup.

Corina said: ” When I saw the gator pop up next to him I just started pulling in his retractable leash as fast as possible.

“It scared me so bad that I couldn’t stand up and had jelly legs crawling up to the house.

“The gator stayed there for about an hour till the wind started to pick up from Irma.

“I imagine he was waiting for him to come back so he could eat him.

“I definitely learned a lesson on many levels.”