Animals Video

By Charles Creasey

This is the moment an amateur jockey’s pet dog appeared to think it was a stallion by scaling a five-foot show jump meant for a horse – and landing flat on its face. 

Joe Knox was out walking his dog Bonnie in Lambourn, Berkshire, when he decided to throw a ball over a full sized horse show jump to see if his 12-month-old Saluki Cross could scale it.

Hilarious footage captures the poor pooch’s ‘epic fail’ as she leaps over the jump to chase the ball, only to clip the top of the hedge, flies through the air like a superhero and lands in a crumpled mess on the other side. 

However the fall didn’t slow down the 12-month-old Saluki Cross – who popped right back up uninjured and continued to play.

Joe, 27, said: “It was a massive fail, there no doubt.

 “I think it was overconfidence overtaking experience, you can definitely see that.

“But she’s done it successfully before. If you approach a jump with her she will just jump it. She just can’t resist.

“It certainly makes me quite proud when she does stuff like that. You don’t see many dogs jumping fences, do you?

 “Although I think it’s quite unusual. I’ve no idea how she learned to do it. 

“My best guess is that she learned how to do it by watching the horses.” 

Joe and his partner Pippa are keen amateur jockeys and Bonnie the dog appears all too keen to prove herself as good as a champion stallion.

Joe said: “I was just taking her out for a walk the other day and I threw the ball over the fence and she ran after it and jumped the show jump to chase the ball.

“She’s jumped all sorts before – barrels, fences, boxes – you name it.

“I first noticed she could jump when I caught her jumping barrels. She could also scale some of the smaller horse jumps.

“It all started from there really and she just started jumping bigger and bigger things.

“Sometimes she’ll get on things so high I can’t reach her.”

 When Joe was playing catch with Bonnie he quickly learned that he she would scale obstacles to go after the ball.

Joe said: “In this video she approaches it very quickly and attempts to jump the jump from very far away and covers quite a lot of ground before she gets there.

“She didn’t quite get the height required to get over it. She’s attempted the jump other times and she’s taken off a lot closer to the fence and got a lot higher up into the air.

“That was the problem. She was running fast but she had too much of a distance when she took off.

“She just loves to catch the ball, and that’s how it came about really.

“I realised that if I throw the ball she’ll follow it wherever it goes.

“It was a ‘massive fail’ but she has managed to do it before.”