By Jamie Smith 

For this couple there ain’t no mountain high enough – as they jump even higher.

Having reached the top of a beautiful Norwegian fjord, Ville Paakonen took a photograph of girlfriend Ella jumping for joy near the edge.

Ville Paakkonen/Caters News 

The couple, from Finland, were on a long road trip in the neighbouring Scandinavian country to take in the scenery.

Ville said: “We had planned a road trip in Norway for a while.

“It is such a beautiful country, and in summer time the south is especially so as it is so green and the fjords look stunning.

“That’s why we decided to take an interesting photo with the fantastic backdrop.

 Ville Paakkonen/Caters News

“We slept in a tent and ate in the outdoors.

“It was a near perfect trip. The only problem was a rough ferry trip caused by really windy weather.

“We would like to keep going there again and again.”