Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

A mother’s love knows no bound and this was again established when a goat was seen besotted by her newborn kid with ‘mythical’ features.

A footage of the bizarre looking animal that has swept the web in India shows the sensitive moments of a goat licking and kissing her just born kid that has weird features.

The mutant kid has glass-like white eyes and pout lips which makes it resemble an old, frail human face.

In the video, that is believed to have emerged from Chennai in southern India, locals including women and children are seen surrounding the newborn as they chatter in disbelief and try to determine what the animal is.

However, the mother unfazed with her child’s mutant looks, keeps licking and nudging at it and at one point makes it sit comfortably.

Last month, a goat born with a visible ‘human-like’ face had terrified Indian villagers. The bizarre clip of the goat had gone viral in social media and racked up tens of thousands of views from across the globe.