Animals Video


By Jack Williams

This is the heartwarming moment a loving swan was reunited with its partner after weeks apart, immediately sparking an embrace and a swan dance.

Highlighting the strength of emotions the birds have for one another, the recovering female headed straight for its partner when she was released back into the water by animal rescue workers.

The bird had fallen ill with botulism, a food poisoning caused by bacteria-produced in toxins, and around three weeks earlier could barely lift its head.

It was released back to the waters of Dordrecht, the Netherlands, on September 6, by Roland van Goch, a volunteer at Dierenbescherming, an animal rescue group.

With only a few exceptions, once swans have courted they are bonded for life.

Over recent days, Roland and his team’s video of the swans’ reunion has gone viral, gaining millions of hits in the process.

Roland said: “We’re stunned can’t believe how many people have such great feelings about this.

“We rescue wounded animal; wild or house animals, like cats dogs.

“Whether it’s a bird who is injured or a cat or dog, we get them to the vet as soon as possible.

“We hope this video gets across the message that people should honor and love all creatures, big or small, and help them when needed.”