By Kristiana Hall 

The Lion King has come to life – as Scar prowls the African savannah.

Prelena Soma Owen / Caters News

The powerful lion, nicknamed Scar by the locals who have spotted him, looks like he is keeping a beady eye on all he surveys.

His distinctive look is in fact due to an injury he picked up in a territorial scrap.

Combined with his scar, his shaggy mane, large teeth and blood-tinged beard give him the look of an evil warrior.

The pictures were taken by 50-year-old photographer Prelena Soma Owen in the Kenyan Masai Mara.

Prelena Soma Owen / Caters News

Prelena said: “It was the first day of my Masai Mara trip. Being a passionate photographer I convinced my guide to leave early so I could catch some golden light.

“Within five minutes of heading off we saw a distant silhouette and he shouted, ‘I don’t believe it. It’s Scar.’

“The figure walked across the savannah and we got there just in time as he crossed the road and disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared.

“Scar lost his eyelid in a territorial battle with his brothers in 2012. It gives him a very spooky look, which is fitting for a warrior of his stature.

“When we saw him I immediately thought ‘this can’t be happening.’ I had heard of him a long time ago and it was a dream to photograph him and see him in the flesh.”