By Luke Johnston

This Asian elephant was spotted giving itself a refreshing dust bath in the wild.

Souvik Basu/Caters News

The playful pachyderm took the idea of powdering its nose to a whole new level as it showered itself in dirt in Rangapara, in the Indian state of Assam.

Elephants cake themselves in dirt to protect themselves from insects and intense heat but it’s rare to be able to get so close to the huge animals in the wild.

Souvik Basu/Caters News

Photographer, Souvik Basu, captured this extraordinary sequence of images during a visit to his uncle’s house.

He said: “It can be dangerous to photograph such a big animal. It’s very risky, I have been chased about eight times before but I just love adventures like this.

Souvik Basu/Caters News

“Elephants often play with dust and take dust baths but it’s unusual to be able to get so near to them.

“It’s an amazing part of nature and I feel lucky to have captured such a mesmerising moment.

“Elephants are very intelligent animals and I love them more than anything.

Souvik Basu/Caters News

“It’s a pleasure to take photographs of them.”