Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment an adorable baby hears the voice of her mother for the very first time.

In Richmond, Virginia, USA, little Lexi Daniella, who has been suffering from severe hearing loss after her birth just three months earlier, is about to hear her mother’s voice for the very first time.


Looking very confused as her temporary hearing aids squeak as they’re placed over her ears, adorable ‘Dani’ takes a while to adjust to her newly-found hearing capabilities.

But it isn’t long before the tiny tot is beaming from ear to ear, as suddenly she hears her mother call her a beautiful girl, a compliment rousing an infectious smile from Dani.

Now firmly adjusted to the sounds surrounding her, the three-month-old can’t get enough of her mother, Francisca Umana, as she lies there beaming, transfixed by her voice.

Francisca said: “When Dani was born, we were told her lack of hearing was probably a result of fluid built up in her ear from my C-section.

“But after a few weeks we grew more concerned and tests eventually showed she had suffered severe hearing loss, the cause of which is still unknown.

“She had always tried to talk back when she saw my mouth moving, but knowing she couldn’t actually hear the sound of my voice was heartbreaking.

“We’ve been teaching her a few signs to communicate with.

“I was more excited than nervous when the hearing aids arrived.


“It was such an incredible moment to see her smiling and responding to my voice.

“She’ll cry now when she hears loud noises, and sometimes even when I talk to her.

“In the future, Dani will have to get the Cochlear implant in order to hear speech at a normal level.

“But until then, we will continue learning and teaching her sign language, to ensure she has every chance to succeed in life.

“Our family was so overwhelmed when we showed them the video, many of them couldn’t hold back the tears.”