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By Katy Gill

Two young sisters were reunited with their beloved cat after she went missing for ten days.

Pixie the cat escaped from her new home that the family had recently moved in to, in Kamden, South Carolina, and struggled to find her way back in her new surroundings.

Elizabeth Holcombe / Caters News

Elizabeth Holcombe’s daughter, Addy, 8, was left distraught when her beloved cat, who had been a constant companion for three years, went missing but was brought to tears to see her best friend had returned home.

Elizabeth said: “Addy was especially heartbroken to discover that her pet was lost.

“Every night at bedtime since Addy was five years old, Pixie would jump up to the top bunk bed where her little buddy sleeps in order to snuggle with her.

“They ‘read’ together, and Addy even brushed her hair and dressed her up in doll clothes.

“The ten evenings that she was missing were so difficult for all of us.”

Dad, Jamie, 38, Mum, Elizabeth, 34, and Addy’s two sister, Ella, 12, and Ava, 11, all helped search for the family pet and had given up hope that she would come back home.

However little Pixie found her way and Elizabeth was shocked to find her sat on the door step.

Elizabeth Holcombe / Caters News

She said: ” I came home from the grocery store and she just followed me inside as if nothing had changed.

“I knew that all three of our girls would be happy, but I was especially excited to see Addy’s reaction.

“I decided to bring the cat along to surprise Addy & Ava when I picked them up from elementary school that afternoon.”

The little girl struggled to hold back her tears as she realises her best friend has been found.

Elizabeth said: “As you can see from the clip, the kids were quite surprised.

Elizabeth Holcombe / Caters News

“Addy tried her best but couldn’t hold back tears of joy to see that her best fur-friend had returned!

“Since she came back, we have been especially careful to not let Pixie slip back out again.

“She seems content to stay inside and play with her human sisters as well as her fur siblings Gus the Cat, as well as dogs Duke, Cammie, and Pixie.”