Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the terrifying moment the animal kingdom’s food-chain is flipped on its head, as a gigantic wasp lures a large spider to its death.

In the land down-under, it appears not even deadly arachnids are safe among the fearsome and vast array of creepy-crawlies the country has to offer as Steve McArdle captured.

In Adelaide, Australia, a huge wasp and what appears to be a sizeable huntsman spider face-off in combat, though this encounter doesn’t end the way the way that mother nature would’ve intended.

Using its size and strength, the menacing wasp easily drags its eight-legged prey across the forest floor, for several yards and over a series of debris, without the huntsman even hatching a comeback.

Steve said: “I’ve always been terrified of spiders, but now I suppose I should be scared of wasps too.

“I just saw this flicker of orange on the path in-front of me, so I went over to investigate.

“It’s not uncommon to encounter spiders or huge insects in Australia, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Though the clip ends before the battle’s climax, Steve followed the action till the very end, where the spider was eventually heaved into the wasp’s lair.

Steve said: “It’s not often you see a spider on the back foot.

“It was terrifying.”