Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This extreme sport loving chicken is gearing up for the Winter Olym-PECKS by sledding and snowboarding with its owner.

Gnarly Marla, an 11-month-old Buff Orpington, enjoyed taking her first rides down slopes outside owner Daisy’s home in Pennsylvania, USA.

Initially the poultry seems content to sit sedately while Daisy’s son pulls her along behind him on a sled on February 9.

Before long though, Marla jumps into her human partner’s arms and perches on his shoulder while the unlikely pair snowboard down the baby declines.


Daisy said: “We loved watching Marla go on the sled and snowboard.

“She was so cute and relaxed throughout.

“This was her first time, so we went slow at first.

“After this, she was pulled around with another chicken who was more nervous.

“They were pulled a little faster downhill and Marla stayed on while Matilda flew off.

“Then my son went down the hill with her out front before we decided to step it up a bit and take her with him when he went down on a snowboard.


“The whole way time she was really chill about everything.”

Daisy and her family have had Marla for almost a year and her winter antics are no surprise as she had already showed her wild side last summer.

Daisy said: “We had a baby pool and Marla was the only chicken who seemed to enjoy floating around in the pool to cool off.

“She seemed like the adventurous type so we knew she would be the most likely to go along with some winter sports and she did.”