Video Viral

By Charles Creasey

A motorcyclist has revealed footage of the ludicrous moment a ‘brain dead’ driver appears to be eating his BREAKFAST at the wheel – with TWO PHONES in his lap.

Brett Mullineaux says he was on his way to work earlier this week near Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, when he spotted the hurried commuter apparently munching on his ‘Sugar Puffs’.

The stunned dad-of-two branded the driver an ‘idiot’ and claims he has ‘no idea’ how the driver thought he was in control of the car while waiting at the red light.

Headcam footage shows the unashamed motorist munching on his meal while about to set off while giving Brett a token glance – with what Brett claims are two mobile phones in his lap.

Brett said: “He’s a complete idiot. He’s just trying to get himself killed.


“He’s being completely irresponsible and doing something like that shows he’s really brain-dead.

“The thing is he could have easily killed himself, or killed someone else.

“I was just on my way to work, filtering through the traffic. At the time I didn’t realise what I’d seen. Was it a bowl of cereal? I didn’t know.”

The 44-year-old welder still has no idea how the cereal eater managed to drive.

Brett said: “I reckon he was doing the whole thing because he was late for work and I can imagine he does this on a daily basis.

“To think he gets people seeing him doing it and he just carries on. It’s just unbelievable.

“I always do a sweep with the motorcycle helmet head cam because you always catch people on their phones doing things they shouldn’t.

“I’ll admit I’ve seen people doing this sort of thing before, sat eating their breakfast behind the wheel, but this time I managed to get it on film.

“When I watched it back I realised he had the phones in his lap too.

“He was munching on whatever was in his hands and he had both hands on the wheel so I have absolutely no idea how he was driving.

“I mean, where would he put the bowl of cereal when he was controlling the car? Surely he would have had to keep the bowl in his hands when he was driving?

“They looked like Sugar Puffs to me, or something similar. I didn’t get that close to be honest and it was only when I zoomed in at home that I realised it was cereal.

“I also don’t know how he managed to pull away from the junction when the lights changed. He had two phones with him and one of them was between his knees.

“That Blackberry was between his knees and he had another phone switched on at the side.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s the same story. It’s not worth it for six points on your licence and a £200 fine. It’s just not worth it.

“That was a display of unbelievably reckless driving.”