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By Jack Williams

In an incredible feat, rescue workers managed to pluck a tiny kitten that was trapped deep inside well just SIX INCHES WIDE.

The fearful feline was found in the 30 feet deep in the 110-foot borewell, half of its body submerged beneath the water level and very weak from the cold.

Pic by Animal Warriors India / Caters

She was trapped in the well – located around 40 kilometers from Secunderabad, India – for more than five hours before rescue workers with Animal Warriors India were alerted.

In order to encourage the kitten to work with them to leave the well, Pradeep Parakuth, Santoshi Jaddu and Anthony Prabhu sent a mesh bag on a rope down the shaft, hoping the kitten would grip onto it.

After more than an hour, though, the kitten was not grabbing the bag and the rescue workers began to lose hope.

At the last minute, however, the kitten opted to grip the rope that the mesh bag was attached to – she did this so tightly that Pradeep, the founder of Animal Warriors India, and his team were able to pull the kitten to safety.

Pradeep, 34, said: “As per the plan, the kitten should hold the bag so her claws will cling to the mesh to have a firm grip.

“The difficulty we faced with this rescue was that the kitten was very deep even to with the naked eye.

Pic by Animal Warriors India / Caters

“She was getting weak from hypothermia, so her grip was slipping whenever she trying to hold the bag.”

Having pulled the stray and unnamed kitten from the well, rescuers then dried her using a hair dryer and gave her warm milk.

She was then returned to her mother, who was nearby.

Animal Warriors India is a group former to unite animal activists in the country; they often help with such rescues.

Instances of kittens being stuck in wells is not uncommon, Pradeep said, with this being the fifth such rescue he has overseen.

Pradeep said: “All we wish to convey to public is to seal off the dangerous pits or borewells, which can become a death trap to innocent animals.

“If the public see any animals in such distress, the should contact professional help immediately.”