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By Taniya Dutta

This is the moment Indian police rescued a man who got trapped inside a 30-foot-deep tunnel he had dug up in search of gold in his house.

Sandeep Singh, 32, was pulled out of the three-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep tunnel using crane and ropes after two hours of struggle.

The man had been digging up the tunnel along with his mother using sickle for past two months after an occult told him about hidden treasure inside the porch of his house in Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

Vaibhab Pandey, Investigating officer said: “It was a tedious rescue operation. Around five constables, inspectors and a team of firefighters were involved who pulled the man out of the tunnel using ropes.

“He was taken to a hospital immediately after the rescue and his condition is stable. We are investigating into the matter but after initial interrogation found a priest had influenced him for the digging.

The neighbours had no clue of the excavation work going on as Singh would start the digging late night using torch.

On Sunday however, when Sandeep proceeded with the work, his foot slipped and he fell into the deep tunnel.

His family panicked and called the neighbours for help who then informed the police.

Dhiru Gupta, local trader said: “We had no information about the bizarre digging work. We think he was told about a hidden treasure by a tantrik.”