Life Video

By Luke Kento

This is the hilarious moment an oblivious grandma doesn’t even notice her Marine grandson standing a few feet in front of her during a homecoming surprise.

At home in Titusville, Florida, USA, Mena Lebrum is in for the surprise of a lifetime, as her grandson, Nathan, has flown back secretly after two years away to see her.

But not all goes to plan, as the 74-year-old has seemingly forgotten to put her glasses on.

Shuffling out of the front door under the ruse there’s a huge turtle on the drive-way, Mena walks out to a crowd of anticipating faces, eagerly awaiting her reaction to seeing her grandson after such a long time.

However, the atmosphere remains as the septuagenarian looks directly at Nathan and then back down at the floor in confusion, without the merest hint of excitement.

As it soon becomes abundantly clear that she can’t actually see Nathan, a corporal, from the distance, he edges closer to her – but still Mena remains vacant.

Giving up in the belief that she may never notice him, Nathan taps his beloved grandmother on the shoulder and soon enough she finally erupts in excitement, screaming out in joy and pulling her hero grandson in close.

A relieved Nathan, who has spent the last two years stationed in Okinawa, Japan, said: “I was beyond excited to see my family – I’d been away for so long I was just really missing their company.

“She’d been told there was a big turtle sitting on the driveway and that she needed to come out and see it.

“I positioned myself so that when she turned the corner, I’d be standing in front of her, though it didn’t exactly go to plan.

“I couldn’t believe it when she didn’t see me; I couldn’t stop laughing.

“I couldn’t have been more than three or four feet away, but she was transfixed on finding this turtle.

“When she finally saw me, it made me so happy. It felt so good to see her after so long.

“It feels great to be back with my family again – I’m a better person in their company for sure.

“I’ll be going to study in Vancouver for two months, then I’ll be stationed away for another three years.

“I look forward to surprising them again soon.”