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By Ben Walley 

Is this Harry’s biggest fan? – A father has been left heartbroken after his daughter told him he wouldn’t be going to see Harry Styles in concert.

The self-confessed fan, Robert Harper, 41, appears to be genuinely devastated after his daughter Bailey Darnell, 18, broke the news that she was unable to get him a ticket.

Pic from Caters News

After seeing One Direction in 2014, the duo were thrilled when Harry announced his solo tour and couldn’t wait to see him again.

Bailey, Whitesboro, Texas, from “My dad has been a fan of One Direction since I started getting into them around 2012, but Harry has always been his favourite.

“I’d say we like Harry about the same, but I’m sure my dad would argue that he is his biggest fan.

“When we heard Harry would be going solo, my dad was very supportive of him, and when we learned that he would be coming to Irving to tour his new album, Dad was ecstatic.

“I set out to get three tickets, but after refreshing the page I was only able to get one for myself and one for my friend who had already paid me for it.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t get my dad one.

Pic from Caters News

“I was dreading telling him, but with the concert coming up in October I knew I had to break the news and so eventually, two months after buying the tickets, I told him that he couldn’t go.

“I thought I’d catch his reaction on video, and he reacted even more sadly than I thought.

“He was very upset, and though I wish I was joking, I wasn’t.

“Many heartbroken people who watched my video online have reached out to me by tweeting ‘GiveDadaTicket’, and a lot of people in the comments think I should give up my ticket for him to go instead of me, and I’m sure he would agree with that.

“He’s still quite upset about the whole thing, and I do feel really guilty, he genuinely loves Harry; and he’s convinced Harry loves him, too.”